Saturday, October 11, 2008

Season 2 of In the Can

Last week we held our first read-thru of the next 13 episodes of In the Can. We’re going to be shooting the next batch on the weekend of April 19th and 20th. The cast was hilarious as usual and included: Christopher Borg as Borg – the head of In the Can Productions, Marina Kotovnikov as Phillipa Phillipa – the budding screenwriter who’s screenplay was purchased as In the Can’s first feature, Ellen Reilly as Millie – the tempermental, production designer/performance artist, Julie Tortorici as Bernice – the office manager and wannabe love of Borg, Jessica Arinella as Sally – the director of acquisitions and soon-to-be-discovered actress, Matt Rashid as Jonathon – the star wars obsessed intern who has ties to Steven Speilberg and finally, Desmond Dutcher as DeeDuu – the party planner extraordinaire who was recently brought in to help throw a fundraising bash for the film.
Rounding out the cast are the newcomers to the series: the voice of Mr. A (played by Matt Rashid) and the loan shark, Redman (played by Mark Doherty).
The next 13 episodes of the series will follow the group as they (mostly) try to continue on their path of getting “Love Is A Collard Green” made.

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